Building Relationships

Nevada has a remarkable group of organizations and people doing astonishing things that will create a better and brighter future for everyone. I am committed to helping these organizations inspire, innovate, and create a better tomorrow for everyone.

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Technology Experience

IT Project Management - IT Strategic Solutions - Cyberwarfare - Secure Software Design - Secure Network Design - Risk Management - Security Policies and Management - CyberLaw, Regulations, and Compliance - Ethical Hacking - Forensics and Network Intrusion - Disaster Recovery Planning, Prevention and Response

Business Experience

Directing Businesses to Success

Managing Organizations - Leading People - Managing Human Capital - Communications Management - Operations Management - Global Economics - Computational Accounting - Ethical Leadership - Industrial and Organizational Psychology - Financial Management - Data Driven Decision Making.

Our The Future

Build better futures and brighter futures for all of us!

Building relationships with interdisciplinary sciences!

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